amulecmd – Amule on the command line

Compile amule with the options amuled and amulecmd. (See ./configure --help)

In the file amule.conf, set


Now you should obtain the md5 hash of you password:

$ echo -n yourpasswordhere | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f 1

Enter this password into the field


Start amuled by

amuled -f

Then start amulecmd. Enter your password.

The incoming and temp folders you can specify in the amule.conf file.

Do not edit amule.conf while amuled is running. Otherwise, when you shut down amuled and then restart, and start amulecmd, you will get an error:

"Authentication failed, invalid hash specified as EC password."

This means that when amuled shuts down, it destroys the changes you made to amule.conf.

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